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Our Facility

Different Breed is a high performance strength and conditioning facility housed within a former WW II airplane hangar. The 22-ft ceiling, natural lit building divides into 2 main spaces: the North end of the facility (with a bit more equipment) and the South side (which provides a bit more free-space).

Suitable for on-the-go professionals, we offer full use of our clean bathrooms and locker rooms with showers, hair dryers and cubbies to all members and visitors. We also sell merchandise, such as water, recover drinks, protein bars and DB branded apparel.

Our premier equipment includes but is not limited to: 3 Olympic platforms, jerk blocks, turf, GHD, ski erg, trap bar, farmer’s bar, prowler, hurdles, peg board, ropes, assault bikes, punching bag, rowers, atlas stones and plyo boxes. Distributors include: Rogue, Raptor, Extreme Training Equipment, Get RX’d, Perform Better, Hybrid Performance and Again Faster.


Different Breed Gym Featured In Los Angeles Times

Different Breed Gym Featured In ABC News Playa Vista, California