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Our Story

Intentional fitness that pushes you beyond just breaking a sweat.
We INSPIRE. We EDUCATE. We REFINE. Together, we are #bredstrong.


Established in March 2018, Different Breed was founded by Kyle Shepherd to service the health and fitness needs of fellow LA natives and the direct Playa Vista community.

Originally constructed by the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1940s to serve as a hanger for manufacturing WW2 aircrafts, Different Breed is now a strength and conditioning facility that offers intentional fitness.


From our top-tier trainers to our exceptional equipment, Different Breed has just one goal: to help you to become the best version of yourself by lifting your fitness to greater heights, both physically and mentally.

Transforming Lives Through Fitness

We are not a one-size-fits-all institution. Prescription must always be made relative to each individuals’ body-type, fitness level and lifestyle. With individualization, we better advice our clients, building trust and achieving tangible fitness goals.

Additionally, an effective coach must understand the individual essence of each client by assessing the total person, including energy systems, behavior, habits, structural balance and self-image. It is truly a holistic approach, taking into account the mental and physical well-being of each individual.


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